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Building on the success of the second State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit held in 2011 in Houston, Texas, the Harte Research Institute (HRI) for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will host the third State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit 2014 to again bring together stakeholders to focus on this nation's most valuable marine resource -- the Gulf of Mexico. The State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit 2014 goals includes:

Agenda in Summary


Day 1 - Monday, March 24th: The Science of Gulf Restoration 




The State of the Gulf - Can We RESTORE it? - The Gulf of Mexico is the USA's most important marine resource and it faces many challenges in balancing its critical role in the economic health of the country and region while remaining environmentally sound and productive. Regional, national and international leaders in science, policy, business and conservation will frame this challenge and inform participants of where we must focus resources and efforts to assure the Gulf of Mexico we all desire for the future.



Water and Coastal Resiliency - Big Gulf Issues that Need Big Gulf Answers

Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré, US Army (retired)


Science Supporting Restoration - Summit partners including the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GOMRI) and the Gulf of Mexico University Research Collaborative (GOMURC) and others will focus on how best to integrate the most current science into Gulf restoration.


Day 2 - Tuesday, March 25th: The Roles in Gulf Restoration  



Conservation Goals for Restoration - Respected non-governmental organizations, led by the Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, the Ocean Conservancy and the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, offer strategic perspectives on priorities, metrics and the future of Gulf restoration and progress.



Fishing for the Future - The Little Known but Critical Role of the Recreational Angler in Restoring the Gulf of Mexico

Pat Murray, President of Coastal Conservation Association




Business and Industry Roles in Restoration - Leading figures from the various business sectors around the Gulf of Mexico in oil and gas, shipping, tourism, etc. will explore the challenges and opportunities for those driving the economic sector of the     Gulf of Mexico, in establishing their role in Gulf restoration.



Dinner: The Business of Restoration - A special panel hosted by the Walton Family Foundation will bring together the leading engineering firms and businesses that turn the dirt and turn restoration planning into reality. They will discuss in panel format their perspectives on making restoration happen on the ground and in the water.


Day 3 - Wednesday, March 26th: Gulf Restoration Perspectives






The Gulf of Mexico is an International Sea - These two sessions offer very different perspectives to a shared challenge. Mexico and Norway both, with significant oil and gas development opporunities, must manage the balance between a healthy environment and strong coastal economies. Each have lessons to share and questions to ask about the Gulf of Mexico - a place where economy and environment both coexist and contend. The perspective from both near and far will bring unique insights for Summit participants. 



Ethanol and Hypoxia - The Unintended Consquences of Good Intensions

Dr. Nancy Rabalais, Executive Director and Professor, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium





Frameworks and Funding of Gulf Restoration - The Summit's concluding plenary sessions, led by the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, focus on two key areas. The first will help answer the question "Where are we now?" by providing the most current restoration planning and implementation frameworks and actions. The second features leading funding organizations to provide Summit participants the most current information on funding priorities and opportunities for both restoration and science.


Day 4 - Thursday, March 27th: An Economically and Ecologically Sustainable Gulf of Mexico



All Day                                                                  

An Economically and Ecologically Sustainable Gulf of Mexico - Two of the Summit's key partners will hold meetings for their   respective memberships - GOMA and GOMURC. The Summit and the GOMA leadership meeting replace the annual All Hands which will resume its annual format next year in Alabama. The GOMURC meeting will be the first ever general meeting for the 78 members of this leading Gulf of Mexico academic research organization.






*as of January 30th, 2014